The Paris Express Workshops

Stop Turning in Circles
Start Getting Things Done


Your business is epic.

How you express what your business does should be
EPIC too!

The Paris Express Workshops are live, virtual writing workshops designed to help you turn words into wealth.

With the 1:1 attention of one of the world’s premiere copywriters, you will craft and complete powerful sales letters, webinars, autoresponder sequences and much more in JUST ONE DAY.

You walk out the door with a high-converting marketing asset ready to make you money.

Ready to exchange more INFORMATION for some serious IMPLEMENTATION?

Then our workshops are for you.

Paris Express? It really is a
café like no other…

Today’s world is a lonely one.

We huddle around our individual (completely separate)
computers. We try to move forward, develop new skills
and ‘self-learn’.

But it simply doesn’t work.

We aren’t just isolated from others…we’re also cut off
from the success we seek.

This is precisely why I created the Paris Express Workshops.

To carve out a calm oasis where we brainstorm, write

Just like a Paris café.

Where people connect and create.

A place where you don’t have to be alone.

Because sometimes the sum is simply greater than the parts.

And huddling together is much more productive
than huddling alone.

Why Words Matter

“Don’t ever diminish the power of words. Words move hearts and
hearts move limbs.”

-Hamza Yusuf

Hi I’m Sue Rice. An American living in France, I’ve been a professional copywriter and marketing strategist for over 25 years.

I created these workshops because I believe—very deeply—that WORDS MATTER.

Moreover, I believe words matter more than ever before.

Technology is our new religion. We are obsessed with the latest gadget: from our mobile phones to our Instagrams.

But the Tech Revolution is driven on Old-Fashioned fuel—Words.

And it is through the power of words—not platforms—that we connect.

Our iPhone doesn’t make us laugh or cry or get angry, it’s the words we see on it that move us.

And when it comes to business, it’s not our ‘funnels’ or ‘delivery systems’ that drive us forward, it’s our messages.

Words move mountains.

Choose yours wisely.

The Struggle Is Real

But while each of us have a song to sing, it can often be difficult—almost impossible—to get it right.

For most, writing is an excruciating process.

We struggle to express ourselves…to explain our products, share our visions and persuade people to buy with both power and precision.

Which is precisely why I built the Paris Express Workshops.

To help you express your ideas in the best possible way.

The Dirty Little Secret
About Online Learning

The Paris Express Workshops aren’t your typical ‘online learning course’.

The problem with the $100+billion online learning industry is that while the concept (i.e. mastering a subject on your own schedule) is intoxicating, it doesn’t really work.

The statistics tell us that somewhere between 3-12% of the people who buy these courses complete them.

That means that 88-97% of people who purchase courses NEVER finish them.

They get no benefit and their purchase ends up in the information graveyard, collecting cobwebs on the shelf.

How Our Workshops Work

This is precisely why I designed Paris Express Workshops in a different way. Unlike anything else on the marketplace, our workshops don’t leave you to ‘figure stuff out’ on your own. You will receive 1:1 hands-on guidance from a seasoned successful copywriter in real time. Fun, interactive and productive, our workshops are delivered in real time on an advanced video platform.

BEST PART? No plane trips or expensive hotels necessary. You can get all the benefits of a live workshop from the comfort of your living room!

Here is how our workshops are run in a nutshell:

Immediate Access

Once enrolled you get access to all our in-depth materials: videos, checklists and examples.

Review and Exercise

To prepare for the workshop, you will complete some easy, fun exercises in advance.

Pre/Post Phone Calls

We will have two 90-minute phone calls before and after the workshop to answer all your questions.

The Workshop

Highly interactive, fun and productive, the workshop includes breakout sessions, hot seats and laser lectures. And RESULTS!

Our Workshop Menu

Here are the 12 workshops we offer:

The Cold
Email Express

The Facebook
Advertising Express

The Facebook
Messenger Express

List Building


Epic Email

Sales Call

Sales Letter




Photo Express