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Are You Ready To Stop People In Their Tracks?

In his briefing to ad agency Chiat/Day for the epic 1984 Macintosh ad, Steve Jobs said,
“I want something that will stop people in their tracks. I want a thunderclap.”

“This book is destined to be a classic.” S. Laird

“Tiny Thunder is worth 1000X the price. Can’t recommend it enough.”

“Sue is a master of the 'art of metaphoric storytelling' and she's one of the best email copywriters in the world. If you sell with words, Tiny Thunder is worth 1,000x the price (likely much more). Can’t recommend it enough.”

—Andre Chaperon and Shawn Twing

Whether you are a marketer launching a new product, a start-up seeking funding, a
non-profit looking for donations, a politician running for office, or a speaker wooing an
audience, you, too, need to stop people in their tracks.

But it’s SO HARD to do!

In our crowded, noisy world, it’s almost impossible to be heard.

Have you ever…

Struggled to STAND OUT?

Been overwhelmed when it comes to sharing your message?
Felt frustrated using tired marketing methods that feel inauthentic and too pushy?
If you are nodding your head “Yes!”
It’s time to put an end to all of that…

It’s time to join the Tiny Thunder Revolution

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What Is Tiny Thunder anyway?

Tiny Thunder is a magical mashup of a story and a metaphor, the two most powerful communication tools available to mankind. 

Stories give us an immersive, unforgettable emotional experience.

Metaphors connect two unrelated ideas together to create fresh, exciting insights.

Blend them together? 

You’ll get a persuasion tool like none other. 

Stories + Metaphors = MAGIC

Infinitely adaptable, the Tiny Thunder technique uses tiny story snacks to illustrate a problem, process, or pain point in a fresh, unforgettable way. 

Instead of asking your audience, “Has your relationship run its course?”, why not share the scene in Annie Hall where Woody Allen says, “A relationship must move forward or it dies. And I think that what we’ve got on our hands is a dead shark.”

Instead of saying “Decision-making can be frustrating for all of us”, why not tell the story of how Steve Jobs and his wife took 8 years to choose a couch?

The Most Original Communication Concept
to Surface in the Last 100 Years

In his book Purple Cow, Seth Godin says most products are like brown cows.

You notice the first one but after seeing hundreds of them, you stop looking. 

But if you see a PURPLE cow, you will absolutely stand up and pay attention. 


Tiny Thunder is a verbal “purple cow”

It’s brand new.

It’s fresh. 

It’s fun. 

(All extremely rare in today’s ‘done it all, seen it all before’ world.)

Plus Tiny Thunder Breaks All The Rules

This method challenges conventional marketing wisdom. 

Instead of interrupting the conversation, Tiny Thunder JOINS it. 

Instead of pushy tactics, Tiny Thunder uses “soft” stories to make serious sales. 

Instead of talking non-stop about your product, Tiny Thunder compares it to something totally unrelated which presents your product in a brand-new and unforgettable light!

So, Why Should You Care?
You Are An Original.

Isn’t it time your messaging to the world reflects that? 

We live in a look-alike world.

Everything (and everyone) is morphing into one.

Shop for ANYTHING nowadays–appliances, phones, clothes, food–and you swim in a sea of sameness.

Hey, everyone is even starting to look alike. 😂

All you have to do is look at your inbox or social media feed to see that messaging has suffered the same fate.

So here’s my question…

Do you really want to sound and look like everyone else?

The answer is of course you don’t! 

The secret to breaking through the sea of sameness is inside the pages of this book. 

And for 5 tiny dollars, this is a no-brainer5

Here’s What You Get Inside Tiny Thunder

Inside this easy-to-read book, you will discover…

But Hang On…Does Tiny Thunder Really Work?

Hi, I’m Sue Rice… and I’m the author of Tiny Thunder.

I have worked as a marketing strategist and copywriter for decades. 

As an Ogilvy & Mather Account executive, a Communications Director for BBDO Europe as well as the CEO of my own agency, I have written copy for world-famous companies like Nike, LEGO, Ericsson, Wrangler, Salomon, and Gatorade as well as countless entrepreneurs.


I have used Tiny Thunder to sell over $85 million of products and services for my elite clients, sell out events in a few days, elevate unknown professionals into respected industry leaders and transform insecure presenters into in-demand keynote speakers. 

I have applied the Tiny Thunder method across countless categories: health, self-development, finance, diet, exercise, business coaching, dentists, architects, cosmetic surgeons, dog training, software, graphic design, sports equipment, child rearing, mobile apps, productivity, and advertising.

This method works. Big-Time.

Tiny Thunder is a proven process I have perfected through years of experimentation and implementation. 

This is not a gimmick that will disappear in 6-months’ time.

It is not a “flash in the pan”. 

Tiny Thunder is the Real Deal. 

If you want to be seen (and sell), you need to read this book.

But be prepared. 

The ideas inside will change how you think about marketing and messaging FOREVER.

One of the most important copywriting books in my library!

“Tiny Thunder is now one of the most important copywriting books in my personal library. Why? It's because Sue teaches us how to use the element of story to make emails really pop. I consider this to be as much of a reference manual as it is a book. While it is a small book, it is exponentially important for writing compelling emails. Sue's approach to email copywriting is fresh and cutting-edge. Grab your copy, get out a highlighter and get ready to learn.” -Jon Williams

Sue’s method earned me a solid increase in pay—I recommend this book to anyone looking to write more effective copy!

“I usually don't leave written testimonials on any of the books I read, simply because I'm too lazy lol. But I felt I had to for this book. I've been a business owner, marketer, and copywriter for a decade. And I'm sure most professional copywriters will tell you that we are always skeptical about reading a book that is supposed to help us with our writing. Because most of the people putting out those books have never really written any successful pieces of copy for themselves or their clients. But I can tell that Sue is different. She is someone who is really in the trenches doing the work. I was impressed with Sue's writing in this book and her strategy. I'm always looking for ways to improve my writing and become more versatile. This book did an excellent job teaching while also being a fun read. Long story short, I implemented Sue's strategy revealed in the book for one of my largest clients… And literally, the first email I wrote using the strategy left the entire company talking about how much they loved my email. This was the first time the whole company buzzed over an email I wrote. Sue probably earned me a solid bonus/increase in my monthly pay haha! Definitely takes care of the small fee for the book. It's worth much more than the price listed. I recommend this book to anyone—especially writers/copywriters—looking for a way to write more effective pieces of copy, whether it be ads, emails, or even sales letters.” —Rocky

I can’t believe how much I loved this book!

“To be honest, I was surprised how much I loved this book. I own a small consulting business and do my own marketing. It is a fascinating story-it explains why communication has broken down in the 21st century and how metaphoric storytelling can help us out of the mess. I would recommend Tiny Thunder to marketers and non-marketers alike.” —Alanna Benham Dittoe, RDN

Sue makes a compelling case for looking beyond the “brand story” to find metaphors that move people and make ideas stick.”

“For years, marketing conferences, books and webinars have trumpeted the power of storytelling. What sets Sue's book apart is her focus on metaphors with lots of examples and practical advice. I agree that persuasion is more about the heart than the head; and Sue makes a compelling case for looking beyond the "brand story" and "hero's journey" to find metaphors that will move people and make ideas stick.” —Cynthia Round

Anyone marketing online today—no matter who you are or what you are selling—needs to read this book!

“I've been marketing online for a VERY long time and this book is like a much-needed breath of fresh air. People are tired of the inauthentic, pushy promotions that are everywhere. The idea of metaphoric storytelling (Tiny Thunder) puts an end to that antiquated approach. It offers a unique perspective and gives us a way to share our message with warmth and authenticity. Anyone marketing online today--no matter who you are or what you are selling--needs to read this book!” —Diane Johnson

This method is completely unique and the book is written in a sublime way!

“I'm reading the book and I'm really enjoying the method Sue recommended. There is no brilliant idea that I have never read anywhere else (after reading hundreds of books it is difficult to find something totally new), but the method by which Sue recommends Applying metaphorical storytelling is certainly unique. This book is written in a sublime way by a professional with a capital P.” —Mimmo

An Easy Fun Read!

“This book covers lots of interesting anecdotes and it is an easy, fun read. Having taught legal writing for 25 years at Stanford University, I can attest to the fact that the use of storytelling and metaphor are also key persuasive techniques in good legal writing and argument!” —Kathy Wright

Finally an original idea that can genuinely help entrepreneurs!

“As a freelance photographer, I know I need to market my services but always sort of dread it. This book gives me hope that I can finally have fun when it comes to marketing. I absolutely love the idea of metaphoric storytelling and will look forward to experimenting with it. Finally, an original idea that can genuinely help entrepreneurs like me!” —Camille Lincoln

I‘m not a big reader but I read the whole book in a weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it.

“I'm not a big reader (except online), but I read the whole book in a weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. I made a table of stories I might want to use and what they could represent, and things I need stories for. We really struggle at our organization making sure our messaging isn’t stale. stale messaging. We also have had a hard time finding images to go with our words, because there just aren't very many (or very interesting) images of voting procedures available. We hope this approach will increase our social media reach.” —Emily Levy

Not only will Tiny Thunder help you stand out—it will make you unforgettable!

“Do your eyes glaze over when you look at your inbox? Delete… Delete… Delete… Spam… Delete… Delete… Unsubscribe… It’s so crowded and noisy. Everyone’s dishing out the same old stuff - tired templates and promotional puffery. What if there was a way to stand out? (without shouting). A simple recipe to follow that could shift your customers’ perspective from ‘Meh’ to ‘Aha!’? Tiny Thunder stirs things up. It captures your customers’ attention and helps build trust. It shows you how to persuade without pressure. It uses stories to sugarcoat direct response, making it much easier to go down. It illustrates how leading with conversations instead of conversions increases your bottom line. And best of all, the strategy it employs can be used in all areas of marketing, including emails, social media, pitches etc. I read everything André Chaperon and Shawn Twing recommend, and this book does not disappoint! It’s pure gold, fun to read, and well worth the small investment. Not only will Tiny Thunder help you stand out, but it’ll also make you unforgettable.” —Fiona Attard

What a fun, interesting book!

What a fun, interesting book! Someone recommended it to me and, even though I'm not in marketing, I decided to read it and I literally couldn't put it down...The idea of Tiny Thunder is genius, all the stories in the book are really great but I think my favorite part was the first few chapters where the author talks about how our world has changed so much...This book is a giant thumbs up! —Emma T

There’s something for everyone inside this book!

“This was a solid piece of writing that taught you by evidence and example. Each chapter was its own example of the Tiny Thunder concept. There's something for everyone that needs to copywrite in this book.” —Vox

An excellent, extremely well-written book. I never thought I’d be able to say that I am actually having fun doing my marketing but I actually look forward to it now, thanks to Tiny Thunder!

“This is really an excellent, extremely well-written book. The book (which is jam-packed with stories) is both entertaining and instructive. The author does a great job of explaining the idea of Tiny Thunder (metaphoric storytelling) so that virtually anyone can implement it. I never thought I’d be able to say that I am actually having fun doing my marketing but, thanks to Tiny Thunder, I actually look forward to it now!” —Sylvain R

A totally original marketing idea– An easy but profound read!

“This book is a breath of fresh air. Finally, some original thinking about how we can market in the 21st century. The idea of combining metaphors with storytelling is genius. The book is filled with great examples and also shows step-by-step how to implement this method. An easy but profound read. A real gem.” —Isabella L.

I LOVE this book! The writing is SO good!

“I LOVE this book! The writing is SO good. Love the stories and the context in the tech takeover history lesson. Also, the cover design is KILLER.” —Kevin Rogers

Brilliant flashes of insight to re-invigorate the weary marketing writer…

“O.M.G. I just finished “Tiny Thunder.” It wasn’t what I expected at all. I am not sure exactly what I anticipated when I first picked it up, but suddenly I found myself immersed in the scrapbook of my own life as a young marketing account executive in the Silicon Valley of the 1980s. I remembered the passion, the excitement, and the idealism of those times. Teaching through metaphor and by example, author Sue Rice presents a Master Class on how to communicate to the overwhelmed, worried, and — yes, perhaps — jaded humans like me in today’s Age. I did not expect to finish this book with tears in my eyes. Tears for the beauty of love, hope, and human compassion. “Tiny Thunder” is filled with pithy little lessons I plan to apply to my own writing, starting immediately. “Tiny Thunder” validated my experience as a writer, inspired my mind, and empowered me to offer something even better to my clients. This little volume, already dog-eared and annotated with my scribblings, is now a go-to favorite in my library, sitting next to works by David Ogilvy and Mark Twain. If you seek an “aha” moment to reboot your marketing experience, read “Tiny Thunder”.” —Susan Laird

It’s Time...

In an era where we are treated to new tech miracles daily and anything seems possible–where machines talk, cars drive themselves, private citizens build rocket ships, people clone their pet dogs and blockchains overturn the meaning of money… We fail miserably at the one thing that counts the most–our ability to authentically communicate with one another.

It’s time to say goodbye to the canned communication and tired templates that infiltrate our inboxes, social media feeds, and daily dialogue.
It’s time to reinvent how we communicate so it feels GENUINE (and not just some copy-and-paste template randomly taken from an old marketing book).
It’s time for you to be heard, understood, and remembered.

Read this book to find out how Tiny Thunder will give you the voice of giants.

Your “voice of giants” is only one click away.

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