Champagne Copy On
A Beer Budget?


Introducing the Copy Critique By Sue

The Perfect Way To Turn Your Ho-Hum Marketing Into A Conversion-Crushing Machine OVERNIGHT

(At A Bargain Basement Price)

The power of a good copy critique is the BEST KEPT SECRET in town.

It is by far the simplest, fastest and least expensive solution for busy marketers looking to get SERIOUS sales results.

That’s because the words we use are so important

Get them wrong—you’re leaving (a lot of) money on the table.

Get them right—and you will BOOST engagement, conversions and your bottom line.

Are Your Words Working For You?

When our words are weak, it shows in our business results.

It hurts.

And it happens all the time. (We’ve unfortunately all been there…)

You have a great product or service.

You have spent a long time setting up all the right marketing assets.

You start getting traffic and watch with anticipation for the results to come in.

But instead of getting an avalanche of conversions … you only get crickets.

You have a sinking suspicion that the problem is your copy.

Maybe you dashed your thoughts off in a rush (between all your other tasks).

Or perhaps you hired a low budget ‘you weren’t so sure about’ copywriter.

But whether it’s your website page, video script or email campaign, you are fairly certain that you don’t have the persuasive, powerful ‘grab ’em by the lapel’ copy that you REALLY need.

Problem is…you don’t know how to FIX it.

You’d love a high-quality copywriter to wave a magic wand and get your words working for you.

And the best way of doing that (without robbing a bank) is through a Copy Critique.

A Copy Critique Is Like A Checkup...

…A thorough review of the entire piece which highlights the strengths and weaknesses and gives you a specific prescription for
how to fix things.

It’s that invaluable ‘second opinion’ you’ve always been looking for.

The genius of the Copy Critique is that you can get all the BENEFITS of a high-quality copywriter WITHOUT paying the full price.

The power of a high-quality Copy Critique is the best kept
secret in town.

It might not be sexy…

But there is literally NOTHING out there that can boost your sales faster.


How Does The Copy Critique By Sue Work?

1 Types of Copy Reviewed

Here are the typical types of copy I review:

  • Email campaigns
  • Facebook ads
  • Facebook messenger campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • Sales pages
  • Video scripts (VSLs)
  • Webinars
  • Website copy

2 How Your Copy Is Reviewed

I read the copy four times- twice with ‘consumer eyes’ and then twice with ‘copywriter eyes’, asking the following questions:

  1. Is your headline/subject line and lead compelling?
  2. Do you understand your target audience?
  3. Is your offer irresistible?
  4. Do you give a credible solution to your target’s pain points?
  5. Does your tone and manner feel right?
  6. Have you explained what makes you different?
  7. Do you give your prospect enough proof?
  8. Do you leverage the power of stories?
  9. Does the piece ‘flow’?
  10. Do you capture and keep your reader’s attention?
  11. Is it clear what your prospect needs
    to do next?
  12. Does your design help or hinder your words?

3 How the Critique Is
Delivered To You

You will get a detailed outline (in the form of a
Mind Map) with complete explanations on

The combination gives you a complete set of
step-by-step instructions, making it easy to
‘fix’ your copy quickly.

If pertinent, I will also give you additional
resources such as headline ideas, stories and

Nothing more simple…or powerful.


What’s The Investment?

So now let’s turn to the investment.

A copy critique is based on words and pages.

To get 1000 words (approximately 10 pages double-spaced) = $750

If your copy is longer than 1000 words, simply buy the number of critiques that will ‘cover’ the number of words.

For example, if you have a writing asset that contains 3000 words you will need to buy 3 critiques.

This is a tiny investment compared to what you would have to pay for a Top Tier Copywriter…

“I Can’t Afford You Sue”


I get that line a lot.

It makes me wince…but it’s true.

It costs a lot to work with me.

My Done for You copywriting rates begin at $5000 for an email sequence and $25,000 for a sales page.

Which is why I created my Copy Critiques.

It’s a ‘have your cake and eat it too’ proposition.

It’s a way for me to help you get high-quality copy without having to pay me thousands of dollars to write every single word.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect To Get?

Imagine you are selling a $250 product.

Right now you sell 100 products a month for $25,000 which totals $300,000 annually.

Let’s assume that by revising your copy, you will increase conversions by 30%
(Which is totally feasible).

That means you will now sell 130 products a month for a monthly revenue total of 32,500 and an annual revenue of $390,000.

That means you will earn $90,000 more by virtue of simply changing your words!


Does This Sound
Like You?

  • Your marketing isn’t working and you want to know why!
  • You want your copy to be checked before a big product launch
  • You are unsure how to describe a new product/service
  • Too close to your work, you need a 2nd ‘pair of eyes’ to look at it.

Why Sue?

Wondering why you should work with me?

For starters, I’m a professional copywriter with 25+ years experience.

Which means…

I write.

A lot.

While emails are my ‘specialty’, I’ve written countless website pages, sales letters, video scripts, blogs, landing pages, webinars and much more….

I’ve penned copy for some of the best known organizations in the world like Ericsson, Nike, LEGO and the University of California.

Not to mention some of the smallest (but savviest!) entrepreneurs on the planet.

But most importantly, my copy performs.

You don’t have to take my word for it.

Here Are What People Say About Sue…

Sue is a WORD GENIUS. When it comes to writing, there is absolutely NO ONE on the marketplace that writes with more beauty or persuasion. The best part is her work will make your business absolutely SHINE (not to mention sell a lot more!) Bottom line? If you have a chance to work with Sue, GRAB IT. Smart, strategic and kind, she is generous with her time. Her virtual workshops are the BEST—a great affordable and FAST way to weave magic into your communications that will benefit you for years to come…

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Step 1


The first step is to pay a minimal investment (depending on the length of your copy).

Step 2


Once your payment is complete, you upload your final copy (no drafts please!) for review.

Step 3


Next, you fill our a short form so that I can understand better what you are trying to achieve with your copy.

Step 4


Your critique is delivered via a Mindmap and video explaining how to improve your copy.