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Helping businesses boost their revenue by 30+% just by pressing send

There is Gold in Your Email List

For every dollar you spend on email, you can earn $38.
That’s a 3800% ROI.
No other marketing tool comes close.
But most of us don’t know how to tap into the potential…
We are confused about what to write, when to send, how to make sure our emails
get read or the best way to sell without alienating our customers.

Let Us Help You Unleash the Power of Email, Your Company’s Hidden Profit Center

Emails on Tap

Get beautifully written, story-based emails that are 100% customized for you at the touch of a button with our groundbreaking Tiny Thunder app.

Email Marketing Workshops

Train you or your team how to manage your email list, write high-converting copy and ensure deliverability.

Email List Management

Enjoy a complete done-for-you-service where we set up your automated sequences, ensure excellent list hygiene, write ongoing emails, and track your metrics.

With our secret email sauce, you will…

Make Money While You Sleep

We will set you up with automated systems that are out there working for you 365 days of the year. You can think of each email as a brand ambassador creating goodwill and sales all day long.

Build relationships and Boost Revenue

With our perfect recipe of sharing and selling, you will never have to choose between relationship and revenue building—you can do both simultaneously.

Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Remembered

With our proven deliverability techniques, we make sure your message gets seen and never gets lost in the Spam or Promotions folder. With our sparkling copy, your message and offers will never be forgotten.

Who’s Sue?

  • Nicknamed the “Female David Ogilvy”.
  • Professional writer, communications strategist, published author and keynote speaker.
  • Runs her own agency for 25 years serving dozens of entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies around the world.
  • Stanford University graduate.
  • An American who lives in Paris and Burgundy

Some of Sue’s clients

Here’s What Our Clients Say

After just a handful of weeks working with Sue, it's A FLOOD! I've exchanged the 'crickets' for a crowd of hungry, highly qualified prospects who are dying to talk to me--and buy my high-ticket program. If you want high-quality leads to buy your high-ticket program, there's no one better to get you the results you need than Sue.

Jolette Jai Founder of the Jai Institute for Parenting Coaching

Sue. Is. The. Best. She writes like an angel but don't be fooled. Her copy produces cash Big-Time. I've watched with my own eyes what her 'magic' emails can do. We send our clients Facebook leads to her email marketing sequences and blog

Ralph Burns President of Antarest and Facebook Ad guru

Sue is a Master at what she does. I learned so much from her apart from her services as an autoresponder writer. Her awareness of the online business world and her compassionate professional support of my needs was wonderful.

Marion Neubronner Peak Performance and Leadership Master Executive Coach