Are Your Words Working For You?

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Sue is a WORD GENIUS. When it comes to writing, there is absolutely NO ONE on the marketplace that writes with more beauty or persuasion. The best part is her work will make your business absolutely SHINE (not to mention sell a lot more!) Bottom line? If you have a chance to work with Sue, GRAB IT. Smart, strategic and kind, she is generous with her time. Her virtual workshops are the BEST—a great affordable and FAST way to weave magic into your communications that will benefit you for years to come…

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Why Words Matter

“Words have a magical power…
they arouse the strongest emotions and prompt all men’s actions.”

Sigmund Freud

Words move mountains.

They build (or break) trust.

They charm, captivate and connect.

And most important of all, they spring people into ACTION.

Good copy separates you out from the crowd.

Get it wrong—you’re leaving money on the table.

Get it right—and you will BOOST engagement, conversions and your bottom line.

But The Struggle Is Real

The problem however is the writing itself.

Writing is hard.

Having an idea is one thing.

Articulating it is quite another.

That’s where we come in.

“Words are sacred. They deserve respect. If you get the right
ones, in the right order, you can nudge the world a little.”

Tom Stoppard

Here's how I can help you

My Clients

I’ve been writing copy for 25 years.
For some of the biggest (and smallest) companies on the planet.

Here are some of them...

Who is Sue?

  • Nicknamed the ‘Female David Ogilvy’
  • A professional writer, communications strategist and published author
  • Ran her own company for 25 years serving dozens of entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies around the world
  • Stanford University Graduate
  • An American who lives in Paris and Burgundy