How I Can Help You ‚Äč

Here are the 4 main ways I can help you turn your words into wealth... 

1. Copy Critiques 

Wondering if your words are REALLY working for you?  Why not grab one of our copy critiques.  Whether it's a sales page, your web copy, webinar or email sequence, we will give you a thorough step-by-step review that will ensure you can transform your copy from 'good' to 'great'. If your budget is tight-this is a fantastic solution where you can get a Class A Copywriter's input for a very reasonable price. 

We Show You How to Turn Words into Wealth

2. Words To Wealth Workshops

Looking to train yourself, your marketing manager or even an entire team how to write words that turn into wealth?  You will LOVE our Words to Wealth Workshops. Conducted 'real time' but virtually, you get First-Class 1:1 strategic advice from one of the world's foremost copywriters.  We have workshops on how to build your list, set up your email marketing or write a high-converting webinar or sales page.  

Makes Sending Emails So Easy...

3. Emails On Tap

By far our most popular product, Emails on Tap is a monthly subscription service where you will be delivered a certain number of emails per month.  Emails are the specialty of hte house and are written in 'story-form' for maximum engagement and industry-high open and Click-Through-Rates . If you are tired of collecting leads that never convert, you will want to get Emails on Tap and start enjoying the 4300% ROI only email can deliver. 

Let us do everything for you 

4. Done For You Services

Sometimes it's just easier to hire our your writing needs.  We can write your emails, website pages, landing pages, blog posts, webinars and much more.    Our writing is designed to engage, build trust and to maximize conversions.   You give us the brief and we will do the rest!